Dad ‘got the wrong man’

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A DAD who assaulted the father of a man who had harrassed his family has avoided prison.

Scott Linton, of Forest Avenue, Ovenden, attacked the man while wielding a tiler’s axe in April this year.

His victim, who was unnamed, was walking to a shop in Keighley Road when Linton and another man pulled up alongside him in a car.

Linton got out of the car and words were exchanged about the man’s son harrassing Linton’s family.

Linton, holding the tiler’s axe, punched the man in the face. He fell to the ground.

Bradford Crown Court heard how the man shielded his face as more blows rained down, breaking his nose.

Judge Jonathan Durham Hall said: “Here is a man with family responsibility who have been terrorised by a young man now serving a prison sentence.

“His real fault was that he went way over the top and gave the wrong person a good hiding.”

Keiron Green, defending, said that the dismissive reaction of the other father caused Linton to lose his temper.

Sentencing Judge Durham Hall said: “You took the law into your own hands.

“Your family had been subject to considerable stress, your daughter in particular, and as a father I am sure the public will understand the pressure on you. But this must not happen again.

“You have pleaded guilty and you are very frank.

“I will suspend the inevitable prison sentence which will be six months suspended for 12 months.”

He also made Linton subject to a residence order for three months and ordered him to pay £300 costs.

He said: “The public may be sympathetic but in the current economic times they can ill afford this.”