Dirty half dozen made to pay for not clearing dog mess

Lane Head recreation ground
Lane Head recreation ground

Almost £2,000 in fines and costs have been handed out to six irresponsible dog owners who failed to clear up after their pets.

Calderdale Magistrates handed out the fines after the owners failed to pay fixed penalty notices - over six months after they were first issued.

And the Council has vowed to keep coming down hard on those who fail to scoop the poop.

None of the six defendants turned up to the hearing, and each was fined £80 and told to pay £15 victim surcharge - on top of hundreds of pounds of court costs.

Paul Drake, 40, of William Henry Street, Brighouse, was told to pay costs of £279 for not picking up after his pet on Lane Head Recreation Ground, Brighouse at 2.27pm on 8 February.

Michelle Goodall, 53, of Tennyson Street in Lee Mount, Halifax, will pay £75 in costs after his dog fouled on grass adjacent to Nursery Road in Halifax at 4.10pm on 7 February.

Melvin Jackon, 54, of Baltimore Marina in Stackhills Road, Todmorden, threw two loads of dog muck into the canal and failed to clean up a third at 3.15pm on 2 February. He was told to pay costs of £257.

Karl Scorgie, 42, of Vaughan Street, Halifax, was found guilty of failing to clear up at St Paul’s Rest Gardens in King Cross, Halifax, on 23 February, and will pay £301 in court costs.

Glen Thomas of Glen Terrace in Hipperholme was fined £210 after his dog fouled on the grass verge on Barfield Road in Hipperholme on 23 March.

And thiry-seven year-old Edward Wilkinson of Marion Street in Brighouse will pay £263 costs for not tidying up at 8.10am on Crown Street, Brighouse on 9 March.

All six were found guilty of being a person in charge of a dog who failed to remove faeces from designated land and have 14 days to pay.

A council spokesperson said: “Most dog owners take a responsible approach, clearing up after their dogs and making sure their pets are kept under control.

“The Council is committed to making sure that Calderdale’s streets and public spaces are safe and clean and will not hesitate to tackle the problems presented by irresponsible dog owners, taking appropriate legal action where necessary.”