Dog bone almost killed my pet pooch

Christie Rodgers with her dog Bonnie, who almost choked on a dog chew.
Christie Rodgers with her dog Bonnie, who almost choked on a dog chew.

A pet owner is outraged that a brand name dog bone is still on the shelves after discovering it killed one canine and left her dog fighting for its life.

Christie Rodgers, treated Bonnie, her ten-year-old Westie, to a Bob Martin premium ham bone from Tesco, Queensbury.

Bob Martin premium ham bone

Bob Martin premium ham bone

She allowed Bonnie to chew the bone for one hour as they sat on the terrace at her Ripponden home.

Later that day, Bonnie was sick and incontinent. Christie spent the night caring for her poorly pet.

When Bonnie was still in pain and sick, the following morning, worried owner Christie took her to the vets. Bonnie underwent immediate emergency surgery to remove two lumps of bone wedged in her stomach.

Vet Alison Dunn of Hird and Partners said: “Bone was removed from Bonnie’s stomach. Blockages can be life threatening. We advise not to give dogs soft dry bones.”

Owner Christie is now calling for the product to be taken off of supermarket shelves after discovering a Daily Mail newspaper story reporting that a miniature schnauzer died after a Bob Martin premium ham bone splintered and ruptured its stomach.

Also purchased from Tesco in January, the supermarket giant withdrew the brand name bone from its shelves. Bob Martin reported it was reviewing its packaging.

Mrs Rodgers said: “The small packaging disclaimer is totally inadequate.”

This week, a Tesco spokesperson said: “We’ve recently carried out a thorough investigation. Our supplier has placed a sticker on the bones; providing warning and advice about potential splintering.”

A Bob Martin spokesperson said: “Following an animal death in January 2013, Bob Martin conducted a review of the ham bone. It was reintroduced for sale in March with the addition of a consumer warning label.”