Chinese maths makes kids top of times tables

New style maths lessons at Trinity Academy, Halifax.

New style maths lessons at Trinity Academy, Halifax.

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A Halifax school has been named as one of 32 elite maths hubs in a government scheme to improve the country’s standing in international maths league tables.

Trinity Academy at Holmfield will work with local schools in the Calderdale, Kirklees and Bradford areas to inspire and educate young people about the difference succeeding in maths can make to their future.

The hubs will work together to share innovative practices in a bid to drive up standards and will take inspiration from some of the best international practice, including that of Eastern Asian countries, where young people are around two years ahead of their English counterparts by the age of 15.

Teachers involved will also take part in an exchange programme with maths staff in Shanghai, China - a country internationally renowned for its achievement in the subject.

Tony Staneff, Vice Principal at Trinity Academy said that the school was delighted to be playing its part in supporting young people in gaining the numeracy skills and knowledge vital to success.

“This is a vital initiative and reflects how the Government is determined to address this skills gap.

“Maths hubs are all about working together and supporting schools within our area to make that difference.

“As a subject, maths helps young people to excel in so many areas, yet sadly as a country our performance is stagnant and some employers report that young people are entering the workplace lacking basic skills.

“This is something that must be addressed, so that as a country our young people can compete in the international world of business.

“As a maths hub, we will work with others to do tackle this skills gap, and inspire generations of students about the difference succeeding in this subject will make.

“We are excited to be part of something which will share some of the world’s best practice, and help teachers to instill a love of the subject and life-long skills.”

The academy will now help other schools to recruit and train the best possible staff, encourage children from an early age to enjoy maths and ensure that all students have mastered core techniques that will support them through life.

One of the reasons Trinity Academy was chosen was due to the success of its own students in the subject and experience in helping pupils of all ages.

The school is now developing a special maths curriculum for primary and secondary schools as part of The Mastery Pathway to support them, as national curriculum levels are removed from this September.