Facts and figures about education in Tanzania

Luke Johnson and Ben Fawkes with schoolchildren in Tanzania.
Luke Johnson and Ben Fawkes with schoolchildren in Tanzania.

Two trainee teachers from Halifax enjoyed the trip of a lifetime when they spent four weeks in Tanzania.

Ben Fawkes, 21, from Norton Tower, and Luke Johnson, 20, from Sowerby Bridge taught schoolchildren in lessons and organised football matches during their stay.

Ben said: “It was brilliant - a complete culture shock. Everything’s just so different over there.

“The people don’t have as much as we do but they’re still so happy with life.

“Their living conditions are so different - they have to work really hard just to make a living.

“The people were really nice and we didn’t encounter anyone who was aggressive towards us.

“We taught children at two schools - one was a private school that they had to pay to go to.

“There were 94 children in each class so it was quite a challenge, and they still have corporal punishment at that school.

“But we then taught at a school for orphans, which we both really enjoyed because the children all wanted to be there - it was their decision to go and learn.”

The pair are hoping their experience will help them secure teaching posts once they have completed their training.

Ben added: “We’ve both got one more year left on our courses and then we’ll be looking for jobs, but hopefully going to Tanzania will give us an advantage over other people.

“We want to thank FC Halifax Town and the Halifax Boys Brigade for sponsoring the trip.

“We’d love to go back and see how they’re getting on in future.”