Gabriella, 7, out to solve dog poo problem

Gabriella Hunter, seven, with her yorkiepoo dog Roxy.
Gabriella Hunter, seven, with her yorkiepoo dog Roxy.
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WHEN asked to write a report for school most seven-year-olds would think of cartoons and toys but not Gabriella Hunter.

This plucky eco-warrior decided to educate her classmates at Northowram Primary School and then the world about the dangers of dog poo.

“It was an issue I thought we could make better,” said Gabriella, of Windmill Crescent, Northowram.

Her report, entitled Dog Poo Days, examined the problem of dog waste and she even counted all the poos on her way to school.

The report said: “While walking the short distance from my house to my local school, we found 19 different dog poos.

“All of which were on the pavement where my mum and I walk.”

Gabriella said she used the internet as her main source with the report detailing some of the worst bacteria found in dog poo.

Her report confirmed that dog waste contains bacteria which can cause illness - with some horrific details sourced from the internet.

“In some cases humans can catch toxocariasis, this is a parasite which if eaten by a human, can cause blindness.

“As the little creatures search of food and they like to eat on a part of the human eye (retina) which causes serious eye damage and sight problems,” she said.

Gabriella, who has her own dog - a Yorkshire Terrier/Poodle cross called Roxy, picked up a special award from her headteacher who was impressed with the report.

“The report had to have a mixture of facts and opinions,” she said.

“I said I thought it was gross because I have to zig-zag my little brother’s pram between it on the paths and it makes me angry.”

Gabriella had three tips for canine lovers: “A Responsible dog owner should always carry poop bags; clean up after their dogs; always tie a knot in the poo bag and put it in the bin.”