GCSE results: Rastrick High School

Rastrick High pupils Emily Willerton & Maddie Hoyle celebrating their GCSE results.
Rastrick High pupils Emily Willerton & Maddie Hoyle celebrating their GCSE results.
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Here are the GCSE results from Rastrick High School.

Afzal P, sc,enl,ict,re,ma*,bs,tx,hi,so; Afzal M, bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,ma,pe,gg; Ahmed B,

sc,enl,ict,re,ma,fr,hi,ft,ar*; Ahmed U, gg,sp,dtgr,bs,sc,enl,ict,ma; Airth R,

sc,enl,ict,re,ma,ar,dtgr,hi,fr; Albrow E, sc,enl,ict,ma,gg,cp,pd,eg; Ali H,

pd,bs,pe,gg,sc,enl,ict,ma; Ambler K, gg,sp,pd,bi*,ch,ph,enl,ict,re,ma*; Amer M, sc

bt,enl,ict,ma,hi,tx,bus bt*, Amir M, bi,ch*,ph,enl,ict,re,ma,gg,eg,fr; Arshad A,

bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,ma,so,gg,fr; Arshad Z, sc,enl,ict,re,ma,hi,gg,dtgr,bs; Ashford M,

sc,enl,ict,re,ma,ar,dtgr,pe,bs; Atkinson E, hi,eg,ft,bs,sc,enl,ict,ma; Badrock O, sc

bt,enl,ict,ma,ft,hs bt*; Bailey C, sc,enl,ict,ma,pd,hi,bus bt; Bailey M, pd,hi,bus

bt,sc,enl,ict,ma; Bains P, bi*,ch*,ph*,enl*,ict,ma,fr,hi*,gg, re*; Bains B,

hi*,gg*,sp,bi*,ch*,ph*,enl,ict,ma* re*; Baker R, sc,enl,ict,re,ma,hi,gg,pd,ar; Bali R,

hi,ar,sp,bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,re,ma; Bary H, dm,aad,sc bt,enl,ict,ma; Bashir E,

bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,ma,fr,bs,gg; Bell E, bs,dm,ft,ar,sc,enl,ict,ma; Betts M, sc bt,enl,ict,ma,pd,s

bt,bus bt; Birkhead B, pe,bs,pd,eg,sc,enl,ict,ma; Boyce S, sc,enl,ict,ma,gg,ft,pe,so; Boyle A,

s bt*,enl,ict,ma,hi,sc bt; Bradbury A, pe,eg,pd,gg,sc,enl,ict,ma; Brooke H,

mu,sp*,hi*,bi*,ch*,ph*,enl**,ict,re,ma*; Broscombe T, sc,enl,ict,ma,pe,eg,pd,bs; Brown P,

dm,hi,ft,bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,re,ma; Brown T, so,sp,ar,bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,re,ma; Brownridge M,

pd,hi,pe,ar,sc,enl,ict,re,ma; Burnside D, sc,enl,ict,ma,tx,bs,ar,so; Calvert T,

bs,ft,pe*,gg,sc,enl,ict,re,ma; Carr H, bs,gg,sp,bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,re,ma; Chapman E,

hi,da,ar,tx,sc,enl,ict,re,ma; Charles A, sc,enl,ict,re,ma,dm,ft,bs,so; Child-Morris A,

hi,ar,pd*,eg,sc,enl,ict,ma; Chima S, sc,enl,ict,ma,bs,dtgr,pe,gg; Chima S,

tx,gg,bs,so,sc,enl,ict,ma; Clarke L, sc bt,enl,ict,ma,bus bt,ar, con bt; Clarkson B,

hi,bs,ft,ar,sc,enl,ict,ma; Clough B, bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,re,ma,bs,gg,eg; Collins J,

ar,gg,sp,tx,sc,enl,ict,re,ma; Connell H, sc bt,enl,ict,re,ma,gg,ft,bs,s bt; Cornelly N,

tx,dm,hi,so,sc,enl,ict,re,ma; Cowen C, pe,cp,ft,bs,sc,enl,ict,re,ma; Cresswell A,

sc,enl,ict,ma,pd,cp,bs,eg; Cummings M, pe,bs,con, con bt*, sc,enl,ict,ma; Cuniffe C,

ar,tx,sp,so,sc,enl,ict,re,ma; Dailly R, sc,enl,ict,ma,bus bt*,s bt,con, con bt; D’Ambrogio C,

bi*,ch*,ph*,enl*,ict,re*,ma*,mu,gg*,fr; Dare S, ar*,tx,hi,bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,re,ma; Hartley C,

dm,dtgr,hs bt,sc,enl,ict,ma; Davies M, pd,bs,pe,gg,sc,enl,ict,re,ma; Davies R,

sc,enl,ict,ma,pe,con, con bt*, bs; Dawson A, sc,enl,ict,re,ma,gg,hi,ft,fr; Donovan A,

hi,ft,pe,so,sc,enl,ict,re,ma; Douglas M, sc,enl,ict,ma,bs,eg,pd,gg; Duddridge J,

sc,enl,ict,ma,hair,ar; Elliot V, hs bt,sc bt,enl,ict,ma; Elliott A, sc,enl,ict,re,ma,tx,hi*,ar*,fr;

Eyles M, pd,hi,bus bt,sc bt,enl,ict,ma; Fallowfield T, sc,enl,ict,ma,pd,bs,pe,eg; Farrington C,

sc bt,enl,ict,ma,gg,eg,bus bt; Fenton F, sc,enl,ict,re,ma,pe,gg,pd,eg; Finn E, tx,da,aad,sc

bt,enl,ict,ma; Fletcher S, ft,gg,sc,enl,ict,ma; Gardner S, so,gg,pe,tx,sc,enl,ict,re,ma; Garforth

J, sc,enl,ict,re,ma,fr,tx,hi,ar; Glasgow K, hi,s bt,con, con bt, sc,enl,ict,ma; Gledhill E,

tx,sp,ar,bs,sc,enl,ict,re,ma; Gledhill J, sc,enl,ict,ma,ar,con, con bt, gg; Gledhill S,

bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,re,ma,gg,eg,bs; Goswami G, sc,enl**,ict,re,ma,so*,ft,hi*,gg*; Graham M,

gg,sp,ft,bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,re,ma; Greenan N, ar,gg,sp,tx,sc,enl,ict,re,ma; Greenhough K,

sc,enl,ict,re,ma,tx,gg,bs,ar; Gregory E, mu,gg*,sp,bi*,ch,ph*,enl,ict,re,ma*; Griggs C,

sc,enl,ict,ma,tx,hs bt*; Gudgeon K, hs bt,sc bt,enl,ict,ma; Hackett J, con, con bt, ar,

enl,ma,ict, sc bt; Halliday J, bus bt*,gg,hi,eg,sc,enl,ict,ma; Hamer M,

bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,re,ma,so,ar,bs; Hamilton E, bs,sp,ar,bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,ma; Hanton M, pd,s

bt,aad,sc,enl,ict,ma; Hardy L, mu,con, con bt, sc,enl,ict,ma; Harmer M,

hi,sp,dtgr,ar,sc,enl,ict,re,ma; Hartland A, hi,cp,dtgr,gg,sc,enl,ict,re,ma; Hartley E,

hi,ft,sp,so,sc,enl,ict,ma,; Haywood R, bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,re,ma,gg,cp,eg*; Hepworth H, sc

bt,enl,ict,ma,bus bt*,con, con bt*,ar; Hewitt J, sc,enl,ict,ma,pe,ft,bus bt; Holness J,

so,eg,bs,gg,sc,enl,ict,re,ma; Holt G, so,sp,bs,bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,ma; Horsfield C,

sc,enl,ict,re,ma,Mu,gg,ft,fr; Howarth F, pe,ft,bus bt,sc,enl,ict,ma; Howarth-Brown M,

sc,enl,ict,ma,hair,ar; Hoyle M, sc,sc,enl,ict,re,ma,fr,dtgr,ar*,gg; Hunt J, aad,sc bt,enl,ict,ma;

Hush M, bi*,ch*,ph*,enl**,ict,re,ma*,ar,gg,fr; Hussain A, gg,eg,bs,bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,ma; Hussain

Z, gg,tx,ar,so,sc,enl,ict,re,ma; Ingle T, ar,cp,dtgr,bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,re;ma; Iqbal M, hi,eg,bus

bt,sc,enl,ict,re,ma; Irving G, so,bs,ar,tx,sc,enl,ict,ma; James J, sc bt,enl,ict,ma,bus bt*,ft,hs

bt*; Javaid U, sc,enl,ict,ma,tx,ar,hi,gg; Jenkins G, gg,dm,dtgr,ar,sc,enl,ict,re,ma; Jennings J,

sc bt,enl,ict,ma,con; John J, bs,gg,sp,tx,sc,enl,ict,re,ma; Jubb R,

sc,enl,ict,re,ma,fr,da,dtgr,gg; Julien R, sc,enl*,ict,re,ma,hi,cp,dtgr,eg; Kaur C,

dm,hi,sp,tx,sc,enl,ict,ma; Kaur J, sc,enl,ict,ma,so,tx,hi,bs; Kaur P, ar,sp,ft,bs,sc,enl,ict,ma;

Kelly O, sc,enl,ict,re,ma,hair,dm; Kerrod R, sc,enl,ict,re,ma,dm,gg,ar,tx; Khan A,

bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,ma,pe,bs,eg; Kos E, bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,re,ma,bs,eg,gg; Lally K,

sc,enl,ict,re,ma,pd,bs,pe,gg; Lambert R, bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,re,ma,Mu,gg,fr; Larkin B, hi,con, con

bt, ar,sc,enl,ict,ma; Lee C, mu*,bs,pe,bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,re,ma; Leebetter C,

bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,ma,pd,ar,bs; Spencer-Lewis J, sc,enl,ict,ma,ar,bs,pd,eg; Lloyd D, sc

bt,ict,ma,con, con bt; Lodge Z, sc bt,enl,ict,ma,ar,con; Lowson E, sc,enl,ict,re,ma,tx,gg,hi,fr;

Maltas L, bi,ch*,ph,enl**,ict,re*,ma,gg,hi*,fr; Maltby R, dm,con, con bt, sc bt,enl,ict,ma;

Marescaux E, dm,da,pe,bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,ma; Marsden R, g*,dm,bs,bi*,ch*,ph*,enl**,ict,re,ma;

Marshall C, so,hi,sp,bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,re,ma; Marshall H, gg,sp,ft,bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,re,ma; Martin

G, hi,ft,bs,so,sc,enl,ict,ma; Masood S, gg,eg,bs,bi,ch*,ph,enl,ict,ma, re*; Matani N,

hi,bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,re,ma,fr*,dx; Mattu S, bi*,ch*,ph*,enl**,ict,ma*,fr,hi*,ar*, re*; McCullagh L,

sc,enl,ict,re,ma,bs,ft,hi,ar; McEwen M, Mu,dm,sp,bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,re,ma; McGough M,

gg,ft,sp,bs,sc,enl,ict,ma; Mclachlan L, dm,ft,hs bt,sc bt,enl,ict,ma; McMoran S,

hi,eg,ar,bs,sc,enl,ict,re,ma; McPhee S, sc,enl,ict,ma,hair,bs; Meadowcroft J,

pd,cp,bs,bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,re,ma; Mehmood I, sc,enl,ict,re,ma,hair,cp; Menaghan H, ar,con,

con bt*, gg,sc,enl,ict,ma; Merta L, scbt,enl,ict,ma,bus bt,s bt,con con bt*; Miah M,

bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,re,ma,pd,gg,eg; Micallef L, sc bt,enl,ict,ma,pd,eg,bus bt; Middleton L,

sc,enl,ict,ma,gg,dtgr,aad; Millar S, cp,dtgr,bs,sc,enl,ict,re,ma; Milthorpe A,

bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,re,ma,pe,hi,fr; Mitchell E, bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,re,ma,so,hi,fr; Moolman M,

bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,ma,pe,gg,so; Moss E, sc,enl,ict,ma,bus bt*,s bt,con, con bt; Mulhall R,

gg,bs,dtgr,eg,sc,enl,ict,re,ma; Munir D, bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,ma,gg,eg,bs; Murray R,

tx,da,ar,so,sc,enl,ict,re,ma; Mynott D, pe,con, con bt*, bus bt,enl,ma,ict, sc bt; Nadeem M,

sc,enl,ict,ma,so,eg,ft,bs; Nelson T, hi,sp,pd,ar,sc,enl,ict,re,ma; Nogy M,

sc,enl,ict,re,ma,tx,ar,hs bt*; Norman C, bus bt,con, con bt, ar,sc bt,enl,ict,ma; Oates N,

sc,enl,ict,ma,hair,tx; Offord K, sc,enl,ict,ma,bus bt*,s bt,con, con bt*; O’Hare R,

Mu,cp,dtgr,bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,re,ma; O’Hare R, bi*,ch*,ph,enl**,ict,re,ma,fr*,hi*,gg*; Oliver L,

tx,da,aad,sc,enl,ict,ma; Paget H, dm,tx,hi,bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,re,ma; Pamment C, sc

bt,enl,ict,ma,tx,da,hs bt*; Parry E, so,ar,hi,tx,sc,enl,ict,re,ma; Penman L,

sc,enl,ict,ma,hi,dtgr,bus bt; Penny-Ward A, sc,enl,ict,re,ma,fr,tx,pe,gg; Perrin R, sc bt,ma

con bt; Petherick T, gg,eg,ar,bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,ma; Pinnock S, sc,enl,ict,re*,ma,so,bs,hi,tx;

Pollard D, so,hi,ft,bs,sc,enl,ict,re,ma; Porter J, bus bt*,cp,con, con bt, sc bt,enl,ict,ma; Powell

R, dm,hi,con, con bt, sc bt,enl,ict,ma; Pozzi-Carioti I, ar,tx,sp,so,sc,enl,ict,re,ma; Preston S,

dm,gg,bs,bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,re,ma; Price B, so,sp,ft,gg,sc,enl,ict,re,ma; Qasim M,

sc,enl,ict,ma,bs,ft,hi,gg; Rabani A, tx,bus bt*,sc bt,enl,ict,ma; Ramzan M, gg,dtgr,bus bt,sc

bt,enl,ict,ma; Rasool L, dm,hi*,sp,bi,ch,ph,enl*,ict,re*,ma; Raza Z,

bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,re,ma,hi,ar*,fr; Razzaq M, bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,ma*,dm,hi,bs,re*; Reid S, sc

bt,enl,ict,ma,tx,hs bt*; Rhodes-Frazer M, pd,hi,bus bt,sc,enl,ict,re,ma; Rhodes E,

sc,enl,ict,re,ma,tx,gg,ar,fr; Riach F, bs,con, con bt, so,sc,enl,ict,ma; Riley A, pe,ft,bus

bt,sc,enl,ict,ma; Rimmer J, bi*,ch*,ph*,enl,ict,re,ma*,fr,hi*,gg*; Robertshaw A,

gg,tx,sp,bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,re,ma; Roper A, sc,enl,ict,ma,dtgr,bus bt; Rose E,

dm,ft,aad,sc,enl,ict,ma; Saddique D, bus bt*,hi,con, con bt, sc bt,enl,ict,ma; Sanderson M,

sc,enl,ict,ma,bus bt*,s bt,con, con bt; Sangha R, ar,s bt,con, con bt, sc bt,enl,ict,ma; Sarwar

A, sc,enl,ict,re,ma,fr,eg,hi,bs; Simon S, sc,enl,ict,re,ma,so,ft,hi,ar; Simpson M, pd,dm,aad,sc

bt,enl,ict,re,ma; Singh G, hi,bs,sp,bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,ma; Singh H, sc,enl,ict,ma,bs,eg,pd,gg;

Singh Sunnar G, sc,enl,ict,re,ma,hi,bs,pd,eg; Slocombe H, sc,enl,ict,re,ma,tx,gg,ar,fr; Smith

B, tx,ar,bus bt,hs bt*,sc,enl,ict,ma; Souster C, bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,ma,bs,ft,eg; Spencer K,

bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,re,ma,mu*,gg,fr; Spencer L, ar,tx,bs,so,sc,enl,ict,ma; Stanton C, sc

bt,enl,ict,ma,bus bt; Stewart T, sc,enl,ict,re,ma,gg,tx,ar,eg; Stoker D,

tx,gg,pe,bs,sc,enl,ict,re,ma; Sutcliffe B, tx,hs bt*,sc bt,enl,ict,ma; Sutcliffe J,

hi,bs,pd,gg,sc,enl,ict,re,ma; Swain K, gg,dm,sp,tx,sc,enl,ict,ma; Swaine E,

bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,re,ma,pe,bs,gg; Sykes A, bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,re,ma,fr,cp,gg; Szulist T,

hi,bs,ft,eg,sc,enl,ict,ma; Szydelko L, sc,enl,ict,re,ma,fr,gg,ar,tx; Taj O,

sc,enl,ict,ma,pd,eg,bus bt*; Tatton G, sc,enl,ict,re,ma,gg,tx,hi,ar; Taylor J, sc

bt,enl,ict,ma,gg,s bt,con, con bt; Thaxter A, so,ar,sp,tx,sc,enl,ict,re,ma; Thompson P,

sc,enl,ict,re,ma,gg,cp,pd,eg; Trowell J, sc,enl,ict,ma,pd,ar,bus bt; Ul-Hassan U, bus bt*,s

bt,dtgr,eg,sc,enl,ict,ma; Webster K, pe,ft,bus bt*,sc,enl,ict,ma; Whiteley J, pe,con, con bt,

bs,sc bt,enl,ict,ma; Whittaker R, tx,hi*,ar,bi,ch,ph,enl*,ict,re*,ma; Whitton K,

pe,dm,pd,bs,sc;enl,ict,ma; Willerton E, sc,enl,ict,re,ma,hi,dtgr,ar,gg; Williamson H,

hi,eg,sp,bi,ch,ph,enl,ict,ma; Wilson D, Mu,dm,hi,bs,sc,enl,ict,re,ma; Wilson F,

sc,enl,ict,ma,gg,dm,ft,bs; Wilson M, sc,enl,ict,ma,mu*,dm,hi,gg; Windross G, sc

bt,enl,ict,ma,tx,hs bt*; Wood T, sc,enl,ma,dm,cp,ft,bs; Worsley L,


GCSE Exam Key 2015

Grade A-star passes marked by an asterisk (*).

3d bt, 3D Design BTEC; acc, Accounts; act bt, Acting BTEC; add app sc, Additional Applied Science; add ma, Additional Mathematics; add sc, Additional Science; al, Adult Literacy; aln, Adult Literacy & Numeracy; an, Adult Numeracy; agr, Agriculture; ama, Application of Mathematics; aad, Applied Art & Design; ab, Applied Business; app ict, Applied Information & Communication Technology; app lw bt, Applied Law BTEC; app sc, Applied Science; asfs bt, Applied Science (Forensic Science) BTEC; as bt, Applied Science BTEC; a, Arabic; arc, Archaeology; ar, Art; ad, Art & Design; ad fa, Art & Design – Fine Art; ad bt, Art & Design BTEC; ag, Art & Design Graphics; ar3, Art 3D; ast, Astronomy; bi, Biology; bg, Building; bict, Business & ICT; bus com, Business and Communication; bus bt, Business BTEC; be, Business Education; bs, Business Studies; cat, Catering; CoPE, Certificate of Personal Effectiveness; ch, Chemistry; cd, Child Development; cn, Chinese; cz, Citizenship; cl, Classical Studies; cp, Computer Studies; con, Construction; con bt, Construction BTEC; cr, Craft; ct, Craft Design & Technology; cmd, Creative & Media Diploma at Foundation & Higher Level; crm bt, Creative Media/Production BTEC; cs, Customer Services; da, Dance; da bt, Dance BTEC; dt, Design & Techology; dap, Digital Applications; dap bt, Digital Applications BTEC; dap1, Digital Applications Level 1; dap2, Digital Applications Level 2; dm, Drama; dm bt, Drama BTEC; dtel, DT Electronic Products; dtgr, DT Graphic Products; ec, Economics; et, Electronics; eg bt, Engineering BTEC; eg, Engineering/Engineering Science; en, English; esol, English for Speakers of Other Languages; enl, English Language & Literature; el, English Literature; eus, Entry to Uniformed Services; es, Environmental Science; eqd, Equality & Diversity; ex, Expressive Arts; exp, Extended Project; fs, Film Studies; ft, Food Technology; fr, French; en fs, Functional Skills English; ict fs, Functional Skills ICT; ma fs, Functional Skills Maths; f add sc, Further Additional Science; fm, Further Maths; gs, General Studies; gg, Geography; ge, Geology; gm, German; gt, Graphics Technology; gj, Gujarati; hair, Hairdressing; hs bt, Health & Social Care BTEC; hs, Health & Social Care/Health Education; hi, History; hcs bt, Home Cooking Skills BTEC; he, Home Economics; ho, Hospitality; ho bt, Hospitality BTEC; hb, Human Biology; hhp, Human Health & Physiology; hu, Humanities; ict bt, ICT BTEC; ict, Information & Communication Technology; it, Information Technology; il, Italian; ks, Key Skills; la, Latin; lw, Law; lt, Leisure & Tourism; mf, Manufacturing; ma, Mathematics; ms, Media Studies; mma, Method in Mathematics; nm, Money Management; mv, Motor Vehicle Studies; mu, Music; mu bt, Music BTEC; nh, Nutrition & Health; ocr, OCR National ICT; ot, Office Technology; pa, Performing Arts; pa bt, Performing Arts BTEC; psd, Personal & Social Development; pl, Philosophy; pho, Photography; pe, Physical Education; pg, Physical Education & Games; ph, Physics; pol, Polish; pls, Political Studies; p, Portugese; pwl, Preparation for Working Life; pd, Product Design; pd, Product Design; psy, Psychology; psv, Public Services; pj, Punjabi; re, Religious Education; rt, Resistant Materials Tech; ret bt, Retail BTEC; ru, Russian; sc, Science; sc bt, Science BTEC; sfl, Skilled for Life (Edexcel); so, Sociology; sp, Spanish; s bt, Sport BTEC; ss, Sport studies; sl, Sports Leader; st, Statistics; step, Step-UP; sys, Systems & Control; te, Technology; tx, Textiles; tt, Travel & Tourism; tt bt, Travel & Tourism BTEC; ur, Urdu; voc, Vocational Studies; wks bt, Workskills BTEC.