Hilltop school is ‘safe and secure’ - Ofsted

Pupils at Midgley School enjoy a PE lesson
Pupils at Midgley School enjoy a PE lesson
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Midgley Primary is a good school and with few exceptions parents hold very positive views of the education it provides, according to Ofsted inspectors.

The hilltop school has 109 pupils, making it smaller than average.

Joanne Mansfield took over as headteacher in September.

“She has brought new ideas and made carefully considered changes which are enhancing the school’s existing strengths,” said the inspectors.

Teaching is good overall and on occasions outstanding.

Pupils feel safe and secure, behaviour is good and attendance is consistently above average.

“They concentrate hard in lessons, take a pride in their achievements and readily give help when it is needed.”

Pupils with special educational need and those with disabilities are identified quickly and well judged measures are put in place to support their learning.

“Since the school was last inspected it has made good improvement - pupils’ attainment has risen and is now securely above average.

“However there is an imbalance in the provision for learning inside and outside - the outdoor area is small and lacking in facilities, and the colourful and lively indoor provision is only partly mirrored outdoors.”

The inspectors found that the governors meet their statutory responsibilities well.

According to Miss Mansfield: “It is reassuring that the recommendations for further improvement made by the inspector are all areas of development currently being addressed through the school’s own improvement plans.”