Music education hub will boost learning

Arts Council England has chosen Calderdale as a centre for its nationwide network of 122 music education hubs.

The aim is to ensure every child has the opportunity to experience quality music education.

There will be a significant shift in the way music education has been delivered to date, both in and out of school.

Schools, professional music organisations, higher and further education institutions and other Arts Council funded bodies will work together to offer music education.

The application from Calderdale Council received praise.

The Arts Council described it as: “An incredibly creative hub proposal which was strong on innovation, ambition and vision.

“The new hub seeks to extend provision beyond traditional means, with plans for interesting pilots and pathfinders - from which good practice could be shared with hubs nationally.”

Alan Davey, Chief Executive, Arts Council England, said: “The Arts Council’s goal is to make sure that children and young people have the opportunity to experience the richness of the arts.

“After a robust application process we look forward to working with music education hubs to enhance and develop music education provision across the country.

“We are ideally positioned to monitor and support a national network of hubs through our regional structure, local knowledge and art form and cultural education expertise.”

The hubs, including 15 across Yorkshire and Humberside, fit into the vision of the National Plan for Music Education.

Now, work will focus on new approaches to partnership working, and innovative thinking about business models and maximising resources for the benefit of children.