New director for food education programme

Jane Sixsmith, new director of Focus on Food.
Jane Sixsmith, new director of Focus on Food.

The leading food education and outreach programme in the UK, Focus on Food, has announced the appointment of a new Director.

Jane Sixsmith who was previously a Senior Advisory Teacher for the organisation which is based in Halifax, is promoted with immediate effect into the leading role.

Jane, a Food Teacher in school for a significant number of years, has been employed by Focus on Food for nine years and for the last five years has been leading the Focus on Food work as part of the award-winning Food for Life Partnership.

Ruth Robinson, Managing Director of Design Dimension, the charity behind Focus on Food says:

“Jane is very experienced, professional, credible and most importantly, she believes passionately in Focus on Food and what we stand for.

“Jane is a perfect lead for Focus on Food and we are very excited for the future.

“We have been operating as a food education outreach programme for over 14 years and our work continues across the UK.

“We have Cooking Buses operating in Wales and Scotland on funded programmes as well as regional and local work in England.

“In addition to this, we are offering a full portfolio of CPD, in-school training and consultancy for schools, communities and individuals. We are making a difference to the future of people’s health through a better understanding of cooking and food and I am proud to be leading Focus on Food.”