Paralympian at school prizegiving

Rastrick High School's presentation evening. Pictured are Chloe Townley, Mrs Helen Lennie, Jody Cundy MBE
Rastrick High School's presentation evening. Pictured are Chloe Townley, Mrs Helen Lennie, Jody Cundy MBE
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Paralympian Jody Cundy MBE was the guest of honour at Rastrick High School’s presentation evening.

As the fastest solo Paralympian on two wheels, Jody gave a motivational speech to students and parents of the importance of education and choices in further education to achieve their dreams and ambition.

Prizes and awards were handed out to those who excelled in subject areas and gained outstanding achievement throughout the curriculum as well as throughout the extra-curricular life of the school.

The President of the Rotary Club of Brighouse, Mrs Judith Poole joined the celebrations to personally congratulate the winners of the Rotary Club awards and hand out trophies.

Head teacher Helen Lennie said: “It is wonderful to see everyone and to celebrate their outstanding achievements. They have always been a great inspiration to the younger year groups and we are proud to have been a part of their journey. I am sure they will go on to be successful in their chosen paths.”

“There is no doubt that the school has come a long way since those very early days back in 1985. But our fundamental values and common purpose remain the same. Our motto of ‘Working together for individual success’ is still the sound basis of all we do to ensure that every young person at Rastrick High School has the opportunity to succeed and to make choices, to be positive, well prepared and confident to begin on their chosen path in life.”

Awards were as follows.

The Special Music Prize for Extra Curricular Music, Oliver Roughton. The Special Art Prize for Multidisciplinary Work, Samuel Baxter. The Special Dance Prize for Progression in Dance, Samuel Baxter. The Rotary Club Prizes, William Glover-Humphreys, Rebecca Carr and James Krishnapillai. The Frank Fox Memorial Prize for History, Jasreet Riar. The Tony Booth Memorial Prize for Chemistry, Chloe Townley. The Sheila Maude Prize, Savannah Kelly. The Prize for Excellence in Design and Technology, Chloe Townley. The Trustees’ Prize for Commitment and Endeavour, Alex Garth. The Helena Foster Prize for Community Service, Hollie Aitken. The David Wilby Prize, Christopher Rushton. The Governors’ Prize for Service to the School, Oliver Roughton. The George Aldersley Cup for Achievement in Sport, Evan Edwards and Christopher Rushton. The Clay Memorial Prize for Academic Achievement, Jasreet Riar.