School is told: You’ve got a year to improve

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A SCHOOL has been told by Ofsted it must improve within 12 months.

Cross Lane Primary and Nursery School, Elland, received an inadequate rating for overall effectiveness during a December inspection.

The report is particularly critical of achievement by pupils at Key Stage 2 even though pupils do leave achieving the national average.

It said: “Progress at Key Stage 2 is much weaker than the good progress made in the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.

“Given pupils’ starting points in Year 1, this represents inadequate achievement. Inspection findings show that pupils have the capacity for higher attainment.”

However, the report is positive about the atmosphere at the school, describing it as warm, welcoming and caring.

Teachers were criticised for the quality of marking, which inspectors found to be vary.

Head teacher Ian Pilkington said there was no need for parents to worry and was confident staff can turn things around.

“We’ve been given a 12 month window to make improvemens to certain areas. There were areas we had already highlighted to Ofsted,” he said.

“We have already made some progress in addressing these.”

On the criticism of Key Stage 2, Mr Pilkington said improvements could mean a big difference.

He said: “We have tended to find that although our children leave us at the expected levels. if we didn’t have these hiccups children could attain a higher level.”

Attendance was also highlighted as a key area for improvement due to pupils taking holidays in term time.

Inspectors have specified five areas that will be re-assessed. To improve the quality of teaching so that the good start made in Key Stage 1 is continued into stage 2; raise pupils’ achievements in maths; increase pupils’ progress in writing; ensure all leaders and management drive improvement vigorously and raise attendance to the national average.

“We ask parents to get behind the school and look at all the good things it does,” said Mr Pilkington.