Bin complaints up 86pc

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There has been a marked increase in the number of complaints about bin collections and recycling.

During the six months up to the end of March, there were 94 complaints mainly relating to missed collections.

Of these, 64 were judged to be not justified, 29 were partly upheld and only one was found by the council to be fully justified.

Some of the complaints related to the attitude of staff and requests for recycling bags and boxes.

“Refuse contractor Sita has been contacted with regard to the behaviour of their staff and other recurring complaints, for example, containers being returned to their appropriate place,” according to Calderdale Council’s environment director Ian Gray.

Problems concerning the non-collection of refuse were exacerbated by the winter weather, said Mr Gray in a report to the economy and environment panel.

People also complained about the council’s response to letters, workmen asleep in their vehicle, lack of action over mud on the road and the standard of work carried out as part of a home loan.

Two complaints about smoke and noise, and about a business being run from home are awaiting a decision from the Ombudsman.

One complainant was paid £1,250 compensation due to delays by the council in taking appropriate action for activities at a waste transfer station.

During the six months, the department received 162 compliments - up 86 per cent - of which 69 related to gritting roads during freezing weather, filling-in pot holes and street lighting repairs.

l The council spent £333,000 more than planed on snow clearing last winter and that was in addition to the £683,000 emergency grant it received from the Government.

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