Update: Billie the goat is rescued from crumbling ledge

The village goat stuck on a ledge in Cornholme.
The village goat stuck on a ledge in Cornholme.

Rescue services have this afternoon staged a dramatic rescue of a village’s pet goat which got itself stuck on a tiny crumbling ledge.

Black Rock Billie - which is thought to be a female goat - had been stranded on the ledge for the past five days, with no food, water or sleep - just inches from a 40ft drop.

But this afternoon the RSCPA’s rope rescue team and Calder Valley Search and Rescue team came to her aid.

As her saviour approached, Black Rock Billie was encouraged to scrambled down the hillside herself and is now safe and unharmed.

Local resident Leeanne Blake, of Burnley Road, said: “It was absolutely amazing. Everyone cheered for joy. The RSPCA and Search and Rescue teams are worth their weight in gold.”

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