Estate used to be feared, now we’re all good neighbours

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A CLEANED-UP neighbourhood celebrated being rid of yob behaviour with a fun day for its children.

People living on Hambleton Drive in Mixenden, Halifax, used to be terrorised by a group of youngsters who made their lives a misery.

But nowadays they say they are more likely to find young people offering to help carry their shopping bags.

Grandmother Elizabeth Taylor, who received a private audience with then Prime Minister Gordon Brown in 2009 after making a stand against anti-social teenagers, said there has been a vast improvement in the area.

“It’s very good here now, we don’t have the problems we used to,” she said.

“We’ve a lot of children living here and we may have the odd upset but nothing serious. It’s nothing like it was before.

“Now I often have young people asking if they can help carry my bags for me.”

Mrs Taylor, a retired nurse, was one of a group of people living on Hambleton Drive who decided they had had enough of a group of anti-social teenagers.

Mrs Taylor gave evidence six times in both criminal and civil cases, leading to ASBOs being placed on the gang including two of the ringleaders.

She and the other residents have been invited to speak to people in other neighbourhoods since to give their advice on tackling yobs.

“It’s nice to be able to help others,” she said.

The area has a neighbourhood watch group who have organised several events to celebrate the community being brought together.

The most recent was a fun day for children in the area before they went back to school.

Mrs Taylor said members of the group each contributed something, such as cakes, and there were races, sandpits, and other activities for youngsters.