Film featuring local actor gets global distribution deal

Adam Probets in the film Five Pillars
Adam Probets in the film Five Pillars

Eye Films have announced a global distribution deal with California-based Ytinifni Pictures for their debut feature film Five Pillars, featuring Halifax-born actor Adam Probets.

The film tells the story of a group of vastly separate people, whose lives collide in interweaving stories.

Writer and director Jon Rosling struck upon the idea for the film after a chance meeting with another filmmaker at Bradford’s International Film Festival in 2012.

He said: “The film itself was made on a mega-micro-budget - just £3500 - so it was an additional challenge as an indie film-maker to make a feature length film of quality and capable of release.

“We had a continual insistence on high production values and our own demanding standards and I feel we have a film that can stand confidently alongside some bigger budget productions.

“This distribution deal with Ytinifni is the best offer for us because gives a global reach for Five Pillars.”