Firm facing a big backlash

Offal spill at Queensbury
Offal spill at Queensbury
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THE firm responsible for repeated animal waste spillages in Queensbury is facing tough action.

A councillor has called for its operating licence to be revoked and Bradford Council is considering legal proceedings.

Offal dropped in Queensbury

Offal dropped in Queensbury

In the latest incident last Friday a motorcyclist was lucky to escape serious injury when he was thrown from his bike.

He skidded on the greasy road surface following the spill on the A647 Halifax Road, Queensbury, near the junction with Swalesmoor Road.

Last month body parts were dropped near the junction of Fleet Lane and Brighouse and Denholme Road, Queensbury.

Children attending Foxhill Primary School were left retching at the foul smell.

The Leo Group, which runs a waste-transfer site at Swalesmoor, is now facing a backlash.

Ward Coun Michael Walls plans a meeting with council officers and the Environment Agency.

He said if the firm couldn’t transport waste safely and securely the agency should look to take away its licence.

“Its vehicles are not suitable for purpose and the licence should be suspended until the firm gets suitable vehicles,” he said.

“I went up on Friday and it was an horrendous mess and the spillages can no longer be tolerated.

“I appreciate the firm does a necessary job but you can only go on so long being sympathetic and there comes a point when you need strong action.”

A spokesman for the Leo Group said: “We are currently investigating the circumstances around Friday’s spillage at the end of Swalesmoor Road.

“Each week the company’s fleet of wagons make many journeys without any incident. It is regrettable that there have been two incidents within close proximity to each other and we are fully investigating the root cause.”

Bradford Council Principal Environmental Health Manager Ruth Lees said: “Bradford Council will always try to enforce the transportation of animal by-products in accordance with the regulations, which state that there should be no leaks.

“Alleged spillages by any company will be investigated by Bradford Council with a view to prosecution.”