For the three shifts worked for us, here’s your £1.96 pay

Jeanette Kilner with her payslip.
Jeanette Kilner with her payslip.
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AFTER putting in the hours at work, most of us would be counting on our wage landing in our bank accounts.

Imagine Jeanette Kilner’s surprise when her wage for three shifts arrived totalling £1.96.

Jeanette, 60, from Claremount, completed 12 hours work at Fernside Hall care home as a domestic in September.

After the third day she was told her services would no longer be needed by her new employer and went home disappointed, but expecting her pay slip to land.

She was understandably angry and shocked when she saw the net pay.

The slip shows her £71.16 basic pay had been taxed £14.20 and another £55 had been deducted for the Criminal Records Bureau check. She had been told it would not be taken until after six months’ employment.

Eldercare (Halifax) Limited have apologised for the mistake and said it was an administrative error.

They have agreed to reimburse the money and said they would never take payments from an employee that would mean their shifts had been valued at less than the minimum wage. Jeanette, who claims Jobseekers’ Allowance, has to take jobs that are offered to her through the JobCcentre.

“I wanted to work because I have always worked and I am not going to turn a job down,” she said.

Now she wants to make other people aware in case they too have similar deductions.

“It’s hard enough being on Jobseekers’ Allowance and trying to get a job because if you don’t take a job you’re offered, they stop your money. I want other people who are claiming benefits not to be ripped off by employers to complete shifts and come out with this amount,” said Jeanette.