Greg's girl cheers Town on

SHE might not be as famous as Victoria Beckham, but Kerry-Ann Booth is a true footballer's wife.

The 26-year-old will bring a touch of glamour to Halifax Town's big game on Saturday when she cheers on her boyfriend, Town player Greg Young.

Kerry-Ann, who has hair and nail extensions and spends all her wages on clothes and make-up, met Greg three years ago in her home town of Doncaster and says football has played a huge part in her life ever since.

"I'm a true Halifax Town supporter and just as excited as Greg about the play-off against Hereford," says Kerry-Ann, who plans to wear high heels, jeans and an eye-catching top for Saturday's game at Leicester.

The blue-eyed blonde who works for BT would love to be a model. "Greg is always encouraging me."

She got her first taste of life as a model at the weekend when she appeared on Sky TV's Soccer AM as a soccerette. "Greg and I watch the programme and when they said they were looking for more soccerettes I sent my picture in. They asked for more pictures and then invited me to appear on the last show.

She appeared in a blue and white Town shirt. "It was a fantastic experience and hopefully a good omen for Town to win."

She plans to meet Greg after the game for a "win or lose" party.