Clinical group plan quicker access to NHS services in Calderdale

Dr Alan Brook
Dr Alan Brook

Health chiefs plan to introduce quicker access to a range of NHS services across Calderdale.

Once a detailed model of locality-based unplanned care services - which refer to people who need advice, care, treatment or diagnosis quickly and unexpectedly - is developed, public consultation will follow in 2014.

The NHS Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group carried out a survey to gauge the usage and perceptions of unplanned care services which has led to its chosen option.

Dr Alan Brook, Calderdale CCG’s clinical chairman, said the plans will include improving access to primary care and community based services, and builds upon work already being done on new ways of providing care for old people and people requiring mental health services.

“Most importantly, the option responds to the preferences expressed in the survey we carried out in the summer – for access to locally based services within easy travelling distance that are delivered by healthcare professionals known to local people,” he said.

“Our survey also revealed a strong preference for good access to regular GP services in weekday hours, but these may need to be supplemented by other services, which include walk-in, especially over weekends and evenings. So this option does not rule out the commissioning of walk-in type services in the future if they meet the health needs of individual localities.”