Former well-known Leeds butcher admits a £3.3m VAT fraud

A FORMER Leeds family butcher will be sentenced today after admitting a £3.3m VAT fraud.

Gary Turner, of Grange Park Drive, Churwell, Morley, pleaded guilty to charges of defrauding HMRC and VAT totalling £3.3m at an earlier hearing.

The father-of-six set up Turners Butchers in 1988, which was based on Dewsbury Road and in local branches of Kwik Save and was famous for their pies and sausage rolls.

When trade began to dwindle in 1996, Turner began using his businesses as a front to siphon off taxpayers’ money, by reclaiming VAT on fake invoices and receipts.

When he was arrested in April last year, he admitted fraudulently misleading the authorities and described his business affairs from 1996 as “all fake”.

Turner kept up the pretence that business was booming and his wealth was the profits from his successful businesses.

Even his family did not know what he had been doing as he used the proceeds of his crime to help maintain a luxurious lifestyle.

Turner will be sentenced today (Tuesday) at Leeds Crown Court.