Halifax named ‘most virile’

Dr Hilary Jones
Dr Hilary Jones
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Halifax has been named the most virile town in Yorkshire in a new survey.

The finding came when an online health clinic, Health Express, analysed the amount of men seeking help for impotence - and Halifax came bottom of the Yorkshire table.

Just 22 men had sought help this year for impotence treatment in the town - compared to 199 in Sheffield, which came top of the table.

Dr Hilary Jones, resident doctor on ITV1’s Daybreak, told the Courier the figures are good news for Halifax.

He said: “I think the people of Halifax should celebrate that they are the most virile town in Yorkshire. It’s a fantastic banner to wave around.

“But a word of caution - it could be that some of the guys there have just been a bit reticent to come forward about a problem which often has a very easy solution.

“So certainly Halifax should celebrate that banner for the time being but if anyone does have a problem, there is help there.”

He stressed if people were too embarrassed to see their GP, to take care in looking online for help and use a reputable webclinic such as Health Express.