Hot new ways to get yourself in shape this Spring

Heather Crinion (right) and instructor Jo Christensen using the kettle bells at Sharp Style Gym, South Shore.
Heather Crinion (right) and instructor Jo Christensen using the kettle bells at Sharp Style Gym, South Shore.
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Spring is generally the beginning of our peak times of health and fitness.

Everybody snaps out of the winter blues, and loves the clear blue skies and glimpses of sunshine.

It can also be a time of dread with the thought of putting the big baggy jumpers away and pulling out the spring wardrobe. Months of over indulging and hibernating means only one thing.... time to exercise!!!

It’s great to see lots of people out and about in the local parks, getting some fresh air and exercising - but what are the hottest new things happening right now?

Here are my top five ...

Fit Steps - After our weekly winter indulgence of Strictly on the television, a new form of fitness class has been created blending ball room dance techniques with fitness!

So if the Cha Cha is your thing or maybe even the Rumba, this is the class for you!

HIIT Classes (High intensity interval trainng) - These 30 minute and under sessions are what they say. Designed for those who want great results in minimal time. These are great classes to push and challenge your abilities. Combining these sessions alongside other strength training and toning sessions, means you get a good mixture and it can enhance your training capabilities.

Cross Fit and Cross Fit Style Functional Training - This is a new style of training which is huge in America - Olympic lifts crossed with sports conditioning and functional training. A great class for both men and women, pushing you through different planes of motion and movement, mimicking everyday movements. Lifting, pushing, pulling, turning. Again very challenging but suitable for all abilities and this style of training is becoming ever more popular over here in the UK and it will only keep growing!

Kettle Bells - A class using just a smaller iron ball with a handle doesn’t sound like much. But these pieces of equipment work the whole body in places you didn’t know existed! Available in various sizes so you can progress at your own pace, these sessions are fun and definitely hit all the right spots!

Yoga – Yoga is still as popular as ever and I think it always will have a dominant place in the market. Helping to increase flexibility and posture as well as connecting the body and mind together, these low impact but challenging classes now come in various formats.

So as you can see there are plenty of different styles of training around at the moment, which are still suitable for most.

Fitness is becoming more about saving time and getting great results. For females especially, it’s all about strong and healthy. And don’t be surprised to see lots of ladies doing tyre flips, pull ups and heavy squats in your local gym or fitness studio.

Helen runs HS Group Fitness, a ladies only fitness studio. She is also opening a new Functional Training facility in Halifax at the end of April 2014, for men and women, offering open gym, group sessions. Contact Helen on 07792 795833 for further details or go to