People’s Commission gets all-party support

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All three parties at Calderdale Council have pledged their support for the People’s Commission which aims to let local people’s voices be heard over the future of the NHS.

Council leader Tim Swift (Lab, Town) said the Conservatives’ backing of the People’s Commission is a very constructive step, he said: “It gives us all a forum to talk through the issues - it gives health professionals the chance to lay down their arguments to the public and have them properly discussed and tested.

“The more we try to debate and inform people, the better the chance we’ll get an outcome which only leads to better health but which commands broad support.”

Conservative MP for Calder Craig Whittaker has however dismissed the People’s Commission as ‘nonsense’, he said: “I think this is just local politicians interfering in what should be left to the professionals who should be coming back to us with a fully-costed, fully-implemented proposal.

“Then let’s have a proper full consultation about what they’re actually proposing.

“You don’t ask a solicitor for advice and then go off and do something different - that’s exactly what the Cabinet are doing.”