Heartless trio burgle bereaved pensioner as she watches TV

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THREE heartless burglars stole from a recently bereaved widow’s home as she sat watching TV in her lounge.

The 80-year-old woman had let cleaner Lucie Moran into her home in Brighouse at around 1.10pm on November 5.

Moran, of Hay Street, Brighouse – who had only worked for the victim for two weeks – used the noise from a vacuum cleaner to disguise her boyfriend, Stuart Mallinson, of no fixed address, and Anthony Marum, of Malham Road, Rastrick, breaking into her home.

The men went into the woman’s bedroom and used a claw hammer to pull a safe.

The safe, hidden in her wardrobe, contained a Victorian locket and chain, belonging to the victim’s grandmother, and a watch which belonged to her husband who died just weeks before.

Around 2.30pm, Moran, 33, told her victim her own handbag had been taken from a chair in the kitchen.

The victim then checked the rest of her bungalow and found the safe missing.

Police were called and mother-of-two Moran told them her bag was missing and pretended she had no knowledge of the break-in.

She continued to lie in her police interview.

The trio were traced through CCTV footage and Marum’s blood was found at the scene.

The safe and its contents, valued at £5,000, were not recovered.

Recorder Henry Prosser said the statement written by the victim was “harrowing”.

“This was a callous and despicable offence and as bad a case of deception on a vulnerable victim that can be imagined,” he said.

Bradford Crown Court was told all three had battled drug and alcohol problems but both Marum and Mallison had become drug-free since being in custody.

He said no distinction could be made between the three defendants and sentenced them all to two years nine months in prison.

Marum and Mallinson will serve two years after pleading guilty at their first hearing.

Moran was told she will have to serve 30 months, after waiting to the last opportunity to admit her guilt.