Heavenly... so come a little closer

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It was one of the most picturesque nights of the year.

The moon hovered big and bright above Earth at the weekend.

And in this picture the enlarged “super moon” appears to be trapped between the twin towers of the old Sugden’s flour mill in Brighouse.

The picture was taken on Saturday night by Courier reader Gareth Mitchell.

Amateur photographer Gareth said: “Rather than a standard moon close-up, I thought I would go for something a little different.

“The canal was still enough to provide a good reflection for the shot,” he added.

Saturday was the closest the moon had been to the earth since January 1922.

The clear skies across the country revealed the super-moon up close – a mere 220,625 miles away from Earth and 14 per cent bigger than usual.

On Saturday it was 625 miles closer than the previous month.

At its furthest, the moon can be 250,000 miles away.

The term super moon refers to a full moon which occurs when the moon has reached its closest position to Earth.

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