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ROAD safety volunteers are needed - to help toads migrate safely.

Spring marks the time toads move back to their breeding ponds and at five sites in Calderdale they are at high risk.

The district’s toad population, as in many other areas of the UK, has declined, and part of the reason is because they have been driven over during the spring migration.

Calderdale Council’s Countryside Service wants volunteers over the next few weeks to help carry the toads across roads safely.

Two important toad crossings have characteristic toad warning signs erected to notify road users to drive carefully.

Calderdale Council will soon be putting up these signs at Lumbutts and at Hebble End, Hebden Bridge.

Three other toad crossing areas will be monitored over the coming weeks at Woodhouse Road in Todmorden, Hebden Hey in Hebden Wood near Hardcastle Crags, and Washer Lane in Pye Nest, Halifax.

During recent years evening “toad patrols” in Calderdale have helped hundreds of toads to safety.

Local volunteers are part of a national campaign called “Toads on Roads” coordinated by the wildlife charity Froglife, and supported by ARG UK, a national network of volunteer groups concerned with amphibian and reptile conservation.

Volunteers should contact Calderdale conservation officer or on 01422 393214.

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