Help us bring baby Matthew back home

Liam Smith, 20, of Holywell Green, with a picture of baby Matthew
Liam Smith, 20, of Holywell Green, with a picture of baby Matthew
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A Halifax family are making a cry for help to pay for treatment for their baby son, who was born after just 23 weeks.

Matthew Smith weighed just 650 grams when he was born in Poland, where his mum Anna is currently stranded with him in hospital.

Doctors told her and husband Liam, 20, who live in Holywell Green, that it would be a miracle if Matthew survived more than 24 hours, and put him on 13 different medications to keep him alive.

Eight-month-old Matthew is still poorly and receiving treatment in Poland, where Anna is originally from.

The couple flew out there after getting married but complications with the pregnancy meant Anna was in hospital for a month before the birth.

Now they are appealing to the public to help fund Matthew’s treatment and for flights to England to reunite Liam with his wife and son.

He said: “We call him our miracle baby. They said that if Matthew survived more than 24 hours it would be a miracle.

“The doctors have told Anna three or four times to say goodbye to him.

“He’s had a five-hour heart operation, a tap put into his brain to drain fluid from it and eye surgery but he’s blind in one eye.

“He also suffered two strokes and he’s got liver problems because of all the medicines he’s been on.

“He must have had at least 30 blood transfusions.

“He’s on steroids to help him develop and he’s due to have three more operations.

“We know he’s going to have a lot of problems but the doctors in Poland have done a marvellous job.

“He needs so much physiotherapy, which costs £10 a day, but we want him to have it every day because the more he can have it the better he’ll recover.”

Anyone who wants to donate can contact Liam’s mum Kay on 07837 821178.