Hero soldier recognised for his bravery in Afghanistan

Lance Corporal David Goshawk
Lance Corporal David Goshawk
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A 28-year-old soldier from Lightcliffe has been commended for heroic service in Afghanistan.

Lance Corporal Daniel Goshawk was leading his men when they became enfulfed in a firefight lasting over an hour.

He serves with the 1 Logistic Support Regiment (Royal Logistic Corps) and is based in Germany.

It was during Herrick 17 last January that he showed great courage in extreme danger for which he has now received a Brigade Commanders Commendation for Distinguished Service in support of Operation Herrick.

LCpl Goshawk was on patrol driving an army vehicle across the Western Dashte desert during a routine Combat Logistic Patrol when it came due to a halt following an explosion at the front.

The patrol then came under heavy fire and LCpl Goshawk ordered his top cover to locate the enemy fire.

But, as that soldier got into position another round landed nearby showering him with dirt and sand and he was unable to continue due to shock.

LCpl then took over the job and engaged the enemy and radioed through to colleagues for support.

As the CLP slowly moved forward LCpl Goshawk identified two insurgents with a rocket propelled grenade preparing to fire and that could have destroyed a vehicle and its occupants.

He engaged the insurgents successfully but the fight wasn’t over as the patrol came under further attack.

LCpl Goshawk then noticed a family cowering behind a wall and called a cease fire from all his troops and shouted/gestured at the family to move to a safe area.

He then identified the enemy position but was unable take a clean shot so called up an Apache Attack helicopter which destroyed the enemy.

Finally, the patrol was then able to continue and deliver vital stores to troops on the front line.

Cpl Goshawk told the Courier it was the worst day of the tour but his Army training kicked-in and at the time his sole focus was the protection of his men in five Army vehicles.

“Fear was not a factor at the time - that came afterwards when we were back at base. When the enemy is shooting at you, you have to get the rounds back. It was quite a shock to come back from exercises in Canada to find the commendation there waiting for me,” he said.

LCpl Goshawk, a dad-of-one, said he loved his life in the army and is looking forward to marrying his German financee this year.

He is based at Gutersloh, and has family locally - his mum Susan lives in Northowram, sister Natasha in Brighouse, brother Richard in Ovenden, and dad Mark in Mirfield.