Home wanted for a dragon

Meet Barry: Leah Roberts with the bearded dragon at the RSPCA
Meet Barry: Leah Roberts with the bearded dragon at the RSPCA
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An exotic lizard is looking for a new home after it was found abandoned in Halifax.

The bearded dragon, named Barry by staff at the RSPCA centre in Halifax, was found in a garden in the HX2 area.

For now he’s being looked after by Leah Roberts at the RSPCA in Wade Street.

Now he’s looking for an experienced handler to take him in.

“When he first came in to us he was very pale and weak and in quite a bad way,” said Leah.

“But once we got him under the UV lights and got some food inside him he perked up. Just like most bearded dragons he’s got a very good temperament and has got quite a bit of character. He’s had a few injuries but he now seems to be in good health.”

Leah said that although it was difficult to know how old Barry was, he was definitely an adult.

“They’re quite a common pet but are commonly not looked after properly. They’re particularly popular among young men who see them as a status symbol.”

Bearded dragons need to live in a 60 gallon aquarium in temperatures that recreate the Australian desert – as high as 40 degrees.

“We want someone who is experienced at looking after bearded dragons and ideally someone who has a female to be Barry’s girlfriend,” Leah said.

Anyone interested in giving Barry a good home should contact the RSCPA branch on 01422 365628.