How lads’ A-level celebration was turned to terror

A drunk who attacked four A-level students after a night out has avoided a prison sentence.

Scott Shaw, 20, of Burnley Road, Hebden Bridge, carried out the unprovoked attack in the town’s New Road on June 24.

The four teens – James Hornby, Robert Gibbon, Callum Brown and his brother Stuart – had been celebrating the end of their A-level exams with a night out in the town and were making their way home at around 1am when Shaw approached them.

He asked them if Callum would break into a take-away because one of the men inside had taken his girlfriend out.

Brown told Shaw he was sorry to hear that, but he wouldn’t break in because it was against the law and his father was a police officer.

Shaw then launched a savage attack on the teen, punching him eight times in the head as his friends tried to intervene.

With the youngster drifting in and out of consciousness on the ground, Shaw then set upon the other three.

He pushed Robert away before beating Stuart and then taking James’ glasses off him, chewing them in his mouth and spitting them out.

Calderdale magistrates heard how Callum suffered bruising and swelling to both eyes as well as cuts to his left ear, and that his vision was temporarily affected following the attack, while Stuart suffered swelling to his face.

Defending, Janice Sain-Reiner said Shaw, who has been in a relationship with his girlfriend since he was 11, was embarrassed by his actions.

“It’s a regrettable situation he finds himself in and that he has put the victims in.

“He is very upset for the victims and when he watched the CCTV with me, he burst into tears and said ‘I don’t know how or why I did that. It was appalling.’”

Shaw pleaded guilty to three counts of common assault and one of criminal damage.

He was given a 12- month community order, which included 250 hours of unpaid work and a 7pm-7am curfew for four months.

He will also pay £660 in compensation for the injuries and damage.

He must also obey a restraining order for five years.