It’s child’s play with ward puzzle walls

Staff nurse Hayley Perrett with patient Khodie -Leigh Tattersley, aged six
Staff nurse Hayley Perrett with patient Khodie -Leigh Tattersley, aged six
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SICK children at Calderdale Royal Hospital have something to smile about thanks to two colourful new play walls.

Bus company First has handed over £1,640 to help pay for them.

They feature work from local artists and have a range of games such as spot the difference.

Bob Orley, a member of First’s charity committee, said: “A stay in hospital can be a scary and daunting time for an adult.

“For a child, however, the full extent of what is happening to them and why is not always fully understood.

“Hopefully this donation from First will help make their stay in hospital a little bit more pleasurable.”

Rosemary Hagreen, of the hospital, applied to First for the funds.

She said: “Our aim is to create a child-friendly, visually stimulating environment for our children. young people and their families to develop a therapeutic, intriguing healing environment.

“This significant financial donation from First has played a big part in helping us achieve this aim.”

The walls have been unveiled as part of a wider project to update the children’s ward, making it more child-friendly and improve signage for parents and children.

The charity MedEquip4Kids is fund-raising for the proejct and estimates the final cost wil be £25,000.

To donate, conact the charity on 0161 7981600 or visit