Jeweller tells of raid ‘trauma’

Glyn Foster
Glyn Foster

A jeweller whose shop was robbed in broad daylight said the ordeal had been traumatic for him and his wife.

Two armed robbers barged into H Marsden Jewellers in Bradford Road, Brighouse last Thursday just after 11am.

The men, wearing balaclavas and identical clothing, threatened staff before smashing open a display case and fleeing with jewellery.

Owner Glyn Foster, who was chatting to a friend in the back of shop, said: “They each had a hammer and were masked so they couldn’t be recognised. They smashed two glass top counters and the front of another and grabbed some pairs of earrings each worth about £90.”

“We were very apprehensive obviously. These sort of things in our trade are always in the back of your mind.

“You always think to yourself if it did happen what would I do and it is funny ultimately at the end of the day you don’t know how you will react until it occurs.

“We are carrying on as normal. It is traumatic for my wife and myself having to put up with these sort of idiots but where do you go? It is a sign of the times.”

The robbers fled in a green vehicle towards Commercial Street.

No one was hurt. Anyone with information should contact Calderdale CID via 101.