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Houses on the Dudley Estate, at Illingworth, Halifax

Houses on the Dudley Estate, at Illingworth, Halifax

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About 600 new homes will be needed every year in Calderdale to meet the needs of a growing population and more people chosing to live alone.

The Calderdale Local Plan outlines where building should take place and what infrastructure, such as roads, public transport, schools, health services, utilities, open spaces and leisure facilities will be needed.

Council leaders are expected to put the plan out to consultation when they meet on Monday.

Calderdale Council’s economy and environment spokesman, Coun Barry Collins, said: “Despite the real economic issues facing the whole country, the local economy is still expected to grow over the next 20 years.

“To ensure that we have decent places for people to live and enjoy a good quality of life, we need to be planning now.”

The area’s Draft Housing Strategy looks at the type of housing that will be needed and suggests how it can be provided in the currently depressed housing market.

It says that, with public funding for housing shrinking and private sector house building at the lowest it has been for years, creative measures will be needed to ensure that more homes are made available.

As an example, it cites a partnership between the council, Pennine Housing 2000 and other housing providers, which have joined forces to regenerate the Dudleys estate in North Halifax.

If cabinet approves the strategy, it will be sent to a wide range of stakeholders, including registered providers, developers, private landlords, community and voluntary groups and other interested partners for them to give their views.