Last Tango in Halifax actress Anne Reid speaks out for older people

Anne Reid
Anne Reid
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Actress Anne Reid says she is fed-up with society treating older people as if they are from “another planet”.

The 78-year-old Last Tango In Halifax actress said she had become “very cross” about the issue.

“When you get to 70, you won’t feel any different. Your knees might have gone, but you’ll still feel like the same person,” she said.

“And I get p***** off with people treating us as if we were from another planet. I get really very cross.

“Your libido... well, I haven’t had a love affair for quite a long time now.

“But you don’t suddenly change overnight.”

She told the Radio Times magazine: “I get very cross when people treat me as an invalid... we went to Gladstone Rock (in Snowdonia) and I could feel, walking down this rocky path, people around me watching to see if I would fall over.

“I get very touchy about this stuff. I am perfectly capable of walking down a frigging path on my own’.

“Well, of course, then I immediately fell over and cut my knee and my elbow. And I had to stand up and say ‘I’m fine!’.”

Reid said that she would not consider retiring, adding: “I never think about dying, I just want to keep working as long as I can.”