Let’s have a Primark - but keep library

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NEWS that cut-price clothes giant Primark has its sights set on Halifax has split opinion online.

Dozens of the Courier’s Facebook friends and web readers reacted to Saturday’s report that the bargain retailer wants to open a new shop in the town centre. But while the majority welcomed the plans, many objected to the Central Library being put at risk to make way for the store in Northgate.

l Jay Cato wrote: “Halifax needs a Primark but why jeopardise the library? Halifax has a load of derelict buildings that could be used.”

Other readers echoed his view, pointing to other possible locations in the town such as the Broad Street development and existing empty units.

l Samantha Martin wrote: “I say leave the library where it is, but I would like a Primark. There are loads of empty buildings. Why can’t they use the old PC World? Or the offices/shops, whatever they are, under the flats by the bus station?”

Supporters of the shop believed it would help boost the economy by creating jobs and drawing in shoppers.

l Secret_squirrel wrote: “Primark is definitely needed, the prices suit the people of Halifax - we are by no means a rich, posh place.

l Fax Lad said: “Bring it on, let’s have Primark I say, the young ones will be delighted and it will bring people back into Halifax who are shopping out of town.”

However, some readers opposed the plans and questioned the company’s ethics.

l Donnie Scrat wrote: “Primark is horrible, sells cheap tat and it’s like a jumble sale with clothes all over the floor.”

l Peter Avinou asked: “Isn’t Primark a company that was accused of slave labour employment some time ago?”

The shop was named as the UK’s least ethical clothes retailer by Ethical Consumer magazine in 2005.

But it denies using child labour and claims to pay workers a fair wage.

l Do you want to see a Primark in Halifax, and where would you put it? Email yoursay@halifaxcourier.co.uk

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