Linda to grill bank boss over job cuts

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HALIFAX MP Linda Riordan claims Chancellor George Osborne was “dismissive” of her concerns about job losses in Halifax when she challenged him in Parliament.

She tabled a Parliamentary question about the drip-feed of job losses in Halifax this week as Lloyds continues to integrate its business operations following its takeover of HBOS.

Mrs Riordan had hoped to challenge Prime Minister David Cameron but instead put her question to chancellor George Osborne who she said was dismissive of her concerns.

She asked, following last week’s announcement of another 85 job losses in Halifax, if the chancellor would intervene to protect people’s jobs as the Government owned a large percentage of the bank which made over £2 billion profit last year.

He replied: “Of course we are concerned when people lose their jobs, including in the banking sector, but what Lloyds is undergoing is the process of merging HBOS with Lloyds Bank, waved through by the previous Government.”

Mrs Riordan said she wouldn’t let the matter drop and is now fixing up a meeting with Lloyds executive David Nicholson whose responsibilities include the Halifax brand.

“The bank is in profit and still sacking people,” she said.

“The drip-feed continues and the bank isn’t coming clean.

“If it means calling public meetings to hold the bank accountable that’s what we will do.”

She said over 300 companies went bust in Halifax last year and the town was suffering from the loss of jobs from all sectors.