Locals are in business after funding boost

Two women from Calderdale will be jetting overseas after being awarded funding by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.

The Trust aims to widen an individual’s experience through overseas travel and bring benefits to others in the UK through sharing the outcome of their trip abroad.

Beth Morgan and her partner Martin Austin, along with their one-year-old son Odis, will be spending two months in South Africa looking at water treatment systems for their water filtration business.

Beth, who lives in Hebden Bridge, said: “Everything we’ll be seeing is the backbone of what we’re hoping to do so it should be amazing. We’ll be taking in a range of small scale water treatment systems, an eco-village and an organic winery.

Sharon Bainbridge, from Halifax, a curator at the Hat Works Museum in Stockport, is visiting six countries across Europe to research a sustainable, innovative and accessible resource to promote millinery.

Sharon said: “I’ll be visiting some small museums in France, one in Germany and I’m going to the Netherlands too.

“I would like to present a paper at the Museum Association but the trip might also help me create my own craft-based College courses.”