Man caught short at police station in court

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A MAN has learnt the real price of spending a penny after ending up in court.

Arfan Mahmood, 35, relieved himself outside Halifax Police Station after officers said he couldn’t use the toilet.

He had only gone to the station to help translate for a friend who had been summonsed.

Mahmood, of Stirling Street, Halifax, pleaded guilty to one charge of urinating in a public place.

Prosecutor Lisa Beadle told Calderdale Magistrates Court the incident took place on January 9 at around 6pm.

She said: “A police officer travelling to Richmond Close Police Station saw the defendant urinating up against the wall by the public doors.”

The police officer asked him what would have happened if an old lady had been walking by.

To which Mahmood responded: “Well there wasn’t, was there?”

Chris Haddock, defending, said: “His friend had received a letter asking him to go to the police station.

Arfan Mahmood went along to assist in interpreting.

“He asked to use the toilet but was told there was not toilet he could use.

“He went round a darkened corner and relieved himself.

“Noone saw anything offensive thanks to his posture.

“It is not the sort of thing he is in the habit of doing.”

Chair of the magistrates Pauline Nash said: “It is rather unfortunate you found yourself here today.”

He was given a conditional discharge for six months and ordered to pay the prosecution’s costs of £85.