Man in his bath tells moving story in Billy Budd Sailor at Square Chapel in Halifax on Saturday night

Billy Budd Sailor
Billy Budd Sailor

Theatre North bring their award-winning production Billy Budd Sailor to Square Chapel in Halifax on Saturday. 0

Adapted from Herman Melville’s unfinished novel, it is the moving story of a young seaman who is press-ganged from a trading-ship to serve on the warship HMS Bellipotent in 1797, during the war between Revolutionary France and Great Britain.

It is told by a man in his bath and aims to see the boundaries between performer and character blurred, with the the audience starting to recognise an ever-closer relationship between Billy Budd and the person telling his story.

Tickets are £11 in advance or £9 for concessions and availabe from the box office on 01422 349422.