Mediators to be called in over rent dispute

Junior teams at Oveden Rugby Leahue Club, Ovenden
Junior teams at Oveden Rugby Leahue Club, Ovenden

Mediators are set to be called in to help resolve a row between Ovenden rugby club and the OSCA Foundation.

The rugby club are angry that they are being charged £1,600 a year in rent by OSCA, who insist the charge is part of a long-term arrangement.

Julie Collins, a member of the committee at Ovenden RLFC, said: “We held a lease with Calderdale Council from 1981 until 2012 when OSCA took over. During that time we paid £1,600 annually.

“OSCA secured a peppercorn rent of £1 until the beginning of this year when they presented a bill for £1,600 which we cannot pay.

“Since OSCA took over the car park has become busy with footballers and dog walkers but only we are expected to pay for parking. How is this fair when we have paid rent for 30 years?

“And to add insult to injury OSCA have now taken a County Court Claim against us.”

OSCA are today unveiling an informal games area and launching a three-year Bring Back the Heart community sports project.

OSCA secretary Joe Collins said: “We are extremely disappointed at the allegations.

“Our lease is subject to us paying rent of £1 if demanded.

“OSCA is not bringing in a charge of £1,600 but fulfilling the requirement of the lease which has been in place since July 1981.

“OSCA has not done this because we feel like it. The club has paid the ground rent year in, year out under the 1981 lease and is required to do so under the new lease.

“As for morality we suggest the club look towards its own values as we strive to meet our charitable objectives.”