Millions ready for the latest twists tonight in Last Tango in Halifax


Emotions will be running high tonight following last week’s birth as new parents Raff (Josh Bolt) and his girlfriend struggle to cope with their new responsibilities.

With the stresses and strains rippling out through the family, emotional fractures open up to reveal hurtful truths and lies buried beneath the surface in Celia (Anne Reid) and Alan’s (Derek Jacobi) extended family.

Meanwhile, Celia inadvertently lets slip to Robbie (Dean Andrews) a huge personal secret that Gillian (Nicola Walker) has kept since she was 15.

Gillian reacts furiously and her growing animosity towards Celia puts more pressure on her already fractious relationship with Alan.

Alan, fed up with Gillian’s behavior, confides in Celia about his daughter’s wayward youth and bad choice in men. The conversation leads him to spill another, even more shocking secret about Gillian.

Last Tango in Halifax continues tonight at 9.00 pm on BBC One.