Nepalese village thankful to Calderdale’s charitable side

nepalese sherpas Nar Bahaddur Magar and Arjun Kumar who are visiting Calderdale.
nepalese sherpas Nar Bahaddur Magar and Arjun Kumar who are visiting Calderdale.

NEPALESE visitors are thanking the people of Calderdale for their generosity.

Nare Magar, 32, and Arjun Kumar, 35, are staying with Linda Padgett, of Cottonstones, taking in the sights or our area.

“We like Calderdale very much,” said Nare.

“There is a very big difference from our own country.

“There are a lot of things to learn for us.

“We like it here in the summer but prefer not to stay for the winter.”

Not to be confused with the widely known sherpas of the upper mountains the magar people live in the foothills of Nepal.

They are experts in living off the land and make a living from taking tourists on treks around the area.

Linda, who is married to a sherpa, met Nare as a guide and she invited her to come and stay with her in 2007.

After that stay he decided he wanted to help the people in his village, Marek Katahare, in East Nepal.

“Some of the older children never get the chance to go to school because they are busy looking after their brothers and sisters,” said Nare.

“So I decided to sell things to raise money for a community centre. It is a place for people to learn and children to be safe when families are away working.”

He has been selling calendars featuring photos from his village as well as traditional goods from Nepal.

Linda said: “We’ve had someone donating buttons, carpets, all sorts.”

They fianally reached the grand total of £3,000 selling the goods at fairs and working with the Steiner School at Cragg Vale to put on cake sales.

Nare said: “I would like to say thank you so much to everybody who has helped to support us.”

Linda is working to improve animal welfare in Nepal.

“We have had a beautiful traditional carpet donated from Nepal that we want to sell to raise funds.

“It is worth around £850 and has to be sold before we go back to Nepal on September 5.”

l If you would like to make an offer contact Linda Padgett on 824 864.