New police call centre opens

POLICE in Calderdale have launched a new way of handling calls from the public.

The response to reports of crimes will be decided in this district, by police staff who know the area and the neighbourhood policing priorities.

The move means Calderdale now has its own control room, at Halifax Police Station, where operators will dispatch Calderdale officers to incidents.

Previously, calls were dealt with by the western area dispatch area in Bradford.

Now all calls will initially be answered at the force’s headquarters in Wakefield, which will handle all 999 and non-emergency calls, and then by the Calderdale team to dispatch officers.

Acting Chief Inspector Derrick Oldham said: “The public should feel reassured that calls are being dealt with by someone who knows and works in their area and who understands local issues.

“Not only is it a fantastic opportunity to improve our response and provide a better service for our local communities but it gives police in Calderdale more accountability and responsibility about how we respond to those calls.”