Newly-weds will be reunited in July

Craig and Julianna Divers on their wedding day in Brazil
Craig and Julianna Divers on their wedding day in Brazil

RED tape which has separated a Halifax man from his new Brazilian bride for months has finally been lifted.

Craig Divers expects to be reunited with Julianna in the UK by the end of July.

He said publicity in the Courier and intervention from Halifax MP Linda Riordan had helped end the couple’s nightmare.

They were married in Brazil last October and Mr Divers last saw his bride on February 1.

Mrs Divers should this week receive a 27-month visa and after two years will be able to apply for permanent residency.

She is now tidying up her affairs before flying out to join her husband.

Mr Divers, of Illingworth, met his wife while travelling in Brazil in 2003.

Over the years they have both travelled back and forth and planned to arrange her visa when he was in Brazil last year, but it proved more protracted and difficult than expected.

The authorities told the couple they had not supplied evidence of photos together or declarations of acquaintance from family and friends.

Mr Divers contested that the information had not been sought during the application process but his pleas fell on deaf ears and he had to return home without his bride.

But the couple are now thrilled to have been told by the Brazilian authorities that they will soon be reunited - there were fears the saga would have dragged on later into the year.

“The man told me they have so many applications to deal with they don’t have time to investigate. If the information is not there then applications are just turned down,” said Mr Divers.

“Julianna is obviously very happy and hopes to be here by the end of July.”

The couple will then plan a belated honeymoon, possibly to Egypt or Rome.

“It has been a real fight and the stress has been extreme,” said Mr Divers, a surveyor.

Mrs Riordan wrote to the UK Border Agency to request that Mr Divers’ wife’s case be reviewed prior to an appeal.

This was done, and the refusal was overturned by the Entry Clearance Manager.