What an eye-catching window display!

Susanne Mills . . . on display
Susanne Mills . . . on display

Window shopping in Elland is much improved - according to the men anyway!

Glamorous customers of Anon Lingerie modelled underwear in the shop window to mark its third anniversary.

Rebecca and Amanda Sedgewick celebrate the third anniversary

Rebecca and Amanda Sedgewick celebrate the third anniversary

And, it was such fun it will be repeated to mark Children in Need later this month.

The shop at Victoria Road was opened by Rebecca Sedgewick and her younger sister Amanda has since joined the business.

“Our anniversary on Saturday was superb,” said Amanda.

“Many customers turned up to wish us a happy birthday and have a look at our new products and rummage through our sale.

“We had cocktails and cake and live models in our window throughout the day, all of whom started out as our customers and are now some of our closest friends.”

During the day talk turned to fundraising and it was decided to hold a charity “modelathon” and the plan now is to have live models in the shop window for 24 hours from noon on November 15.

“All of these models will be real women, of all shapes and sizes and will be sponsored to stand in the window for their time slot,” said Amanda.

“We are appealing to the public to sponsor us and for local businesses to sponsor time slots.”

The shop can be contacted on anonlingerie@talktalk.net or http://www.anonlingerie.co.uk/