Only parakeet watches the telly

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AN AMOROUS postman and a paranoid parakeet are among the reasons given for not paying for a TV licence.

Sticky-fingered kids and being too busy wedding planning have also been given as excuses, say TV Licensing.

The authority has published some of the most outlandish reasons it hears at the same time as revealing it has caught more than 600 people watching TV without a licence in Halifax so far this year.

Tim Downs, TV Licensing spokesman, said: “Some evaders are very inventive with their excuses which can be quite entertaining. But the point is that watching or recording live TV without a licence is against the law. In fairness to the honest majority of people who pay the fee, we will prosecute those who try to avoid it.”

Unusual excuses include; “Since I had a bit of a fling with the postman I haven’t been receiving my mail so I didn’t get my TV Licence reminder.”

And: “No-one watches TV apart from the parakeet. It calms him down and stops him ripping out his feathers.”