Come fly with me . . .

Air Force One flies over mount Rushmore
Air Force One flies over mount Rushmore
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WILL he get chance to sit up front with the pilot and check out the gadgetry?

Will she buy herself a large bottle of Chanel from the duty free trolley (always assuming there’ll be one)?

And will they get extra leg room and a choice of in-flight movies? PM David Cameron and his wife, Samantha have clearly come up trumps with their latest invitation: American President Barack Obama has asked them to come fly with him on Air Force One. Now this will be no ordinary flight with the smell of the chemical toilets wafting in your nostrils and the annoyance of some snotty-nosed child kicking the back of your seat for the entire journey. Air Force One, the President’s private jet, is possibly the coolest plane on the plant, a highly-customised Boeing 747 with 4,000 sq ft of room, including a Presidential suite with bedroom, office, bathroom and - wait for it - private medical facilities that can double up as an emergency operating theatre. And there’ll be no chance of unappetising, processed “chicken chasseur” in a plastic box come meal time. The aircraft has two kitchens, serving up freshly-cooked food on embossed china. An added treat is Presidential M&Ms! Lucky Mr and Mrs C. They have certainly drawn longer straws than French President Nicolas Sarkozy who was taken to Ben’s Chilli Bowl for a four dollar hot dog when he visited Mr O or Russian Number One, Dimitry Medvedev who was treated to a cheeseburger and Coke at Ray’s Hell Burger. Mr O must look upon Mr C as a special buddy. Shades of Blair and Bush all over again perhaps? Hopefully Air Force One is equipped with sick bags. I for one, certainly feel in need of one.