Ditch star name and let product speak for itself

Smooth: and the coffee's not bad either
Smooth: and the coffee's not bad either

HERE’S a question: Why do many stores and businesses feel they have to draft in celebrities to endorse their products?

Do they really believe the general public (ie you and me) are gullible enough to think that if something is good enough for the likes of Dawn French (Tesco), Uma Thurman (Alfa Romeo), George Clooney (Nespresso) then it’s more than good enough for the rest of us?

I now see that Sainsbury’s have just announced the appointment of Lorraine Pascale (the lovely former catwalk model turned master baker) as their new “face”, effectively replacing everyone’s cheeky cockney chappie Jamie Oliver. The deal is said to be worth £1 million a year.

Surely though we don’t need all these famous faces and household names to tell us what to buy and more importantly where to buy it from?

If a brand is strong enough and offers quality and value for money, then don’t we all have brains enough to work out for ourselves where to spend our hard-earned cash?

For the celebs involved it can be a lucrative money earner until, of course, they are seemed to have passed their sell-by date – as in the case of Marks & Spencer’s “Fab Five” (Twiggy, Dannii Minogue et al.) These lovely ladies have been ditched from future advertising it has been revealed. Presumably the store is taking a different direction, targeting a different audience maybe? Who will they sign up next? And more importantly who do they hope to influence?