How about a 10-point deduction as punishment for Rooney’s rant?

BANNED ... Manchester United's Wayne Rooney.
BANNED ... Manchester United's Wayne Rooney.
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YET again, the headlines are about foul-mouthed Wayne Rooney’s rant rather than the fact that his second-half hat-trick put Manchester United in the driving seat in the Premier League title race.

Testy and testosterone fuelled, the multi-millionaire yet again fails to curb both his temper and his language, stamping his aggressive actions and angry face all over our TV screens.

Fine him, say some commentators. Ban him, say others.

Fining him will have as little effect on him as it would if Andy Hornby, former HBOS and Boots Alliance chief, had dropped a penny down a drain.

Banning Rude Roo for a few matches is not a bad idea.

But one thing that would really rattle the cages at Old Trafford and have Fergie choking on his chewing gum would be if the FA decided to deduct points from the club’s current campaign.

Now let’s see... would taking off 10 be enough to blast the title race wide open again?